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If you are ill, injured or unable to work as a result of that injury or illness, you may be eligible to make a claim through your Superannuation. As Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) experts, we are able to assess your eligibility and assist through all aspects of the claims process.

It is important to note that unlike other injury or illness Insurance claims, making a claim for TPD does not rely on someone else to be at fault for the injury or illness you are suffering from.

Some people may not be aware that their Superannuation Policy contains significant entitlements that may allow you to claim a lump sum payments if you are no longer able to continue with the employment that you were trained and educated in as a result of an injury or illness.There is no need for there to be a catastrophic injury, only an injury that stops you from returning to work. It is important that you obtainsoundlegal advice before commencing the TPD claims process as Insurers are usually notorious for making the claims process of recovering your TPD entitlements difficult. For this reason, our expert Lawyers are here to assist you to ensure that you receive the maximum amount that you are eligible to receive.

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About Our TPD Lawyers

Specialised expertise in TPD claims

We are dedicated and industry leading Total and Permanent Disability specialists, committed to assisting all superannuation fund policy holders in securing their entitled benefits. Our expertise covers TPD insurance claims arising from permanent disability, injuries, or illness. We offer comprehensive support, guiding you through the TPD claims process. You may be eligible for a

substantial lump sum compensation and it is critical to seek sound legal advice from TPD lawyerswho will address all aspects of the claims procedure. That’s where the TPD Superannuation Helpline comes in, offering expert advice and guidance to ensure a successful TPD claim.

Our Key TPD Services

tpd payout and disability pension

Our team conducts a comprehensive assessment of your circumstances to determine your eligibility and the potential benefits you may be entitled to underyour policy for TPD insurance.

We assist you in gathering and organising the necessary documents and evidence required for a successful TPD claim. This means ensuring that your application is completed to the Total and Permanent Disability insurance standard.

In the unfortunate event of a claim denial, we provide expert negotiation and appeals support on a case-to-case basis. We work tirelessly to challenge denialsand ensure that your right to entitlements are upheld.

We keep you informed throughout the TPD claims process, providing regular updates on the status of your claim and any developments.

Our experienced TPD lawyers are available to provide specialist legal guidance relating to your superannuation claim for injury and illness. We offer expert legal advicetailored to your circumstances. As Total and Permanent Disability specialists, we are able to assist through all aspects of the claims process. We are happy to advise that entitlements under a person’s Total and Permanent Disability policy can generally range up to three (3) million dollars, depending on the persons injury or illness. Our TPD lawyers are experts in assessing factors such as income, policies, education, training and experience in order to reach a successful TPD claim outcome.

We understand that each TPD claim is unique. Our industry leading team offers personalised guidance, ensuring that your claim strategy is tailored to your individual circumstances. It is important that you obtain sound legal advice that will cover all aspects of the TPD claims process to ensure a that you get the maximum lump sum entitlement that your policy covers you for. Until you seek expert advice from one our experienced TPD lawyers, you may notbe aware of the types of TPD insurance payouts available to you. These can include lump sum payments, annual assist benefits or access to your superannuation account balance.

Benefits of Hiring our Lawyers

Enhanced claim success, expert guidance, reduced stress.

In the event that your TPD insurance claim is approved under your permanent disability TPD insurance policy, accurate advice from our industry leading TPD lawyers will be provided to protect your interests for future cover and policies to remain in place. The process of making a TPD claim can be confusing, stressful and unclear. Insurers governing the total and permanent disability regime are historically difficult to deal with, as they tend to create as many loopholes for claimants to try and go through in their pursuit for lump sum entitlements. The benefits of hiring our lawyers provide enhanced claim success, expert and specialised guidance throughout your TPD claim. Our specialist lawyers provide efficient lodgement of your claim, ensuring a timely decision outcome. Consulting and engaging one of our expert lawyers provides you with the peace of mind and support throughout the duration of your claim.

Why TPD Claims Get Denied

Unfortunately, TPD claims can be denied for various reasons. The Insurer for your superannuation fund may deny the claim based on current medical evidence, failure to meet the TPD definition under your policy or many other reasons. Regardless of the reason for the denial, it is important to remember that you have options, and as TPD claim specialists we have the ability to provide adequate lawyer intervention strategies.

Client Success Stories

In some cases, making a claim for total and permanent disability is rather straightforward.This means that the assessment of your claim and payment of the lumpsum entitlement will be made quickly, however, other claims require significant attention, medical evidence and additional formulated arguments to advocate your entitlement on your behalf.

Below are some success stories and testimonies from our valuable clients.

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No Win No Fee

Once our team of Total and Permanent Disability claim lawyers have been able to provide you with an assessment in relation to your policy, and you wish to proceed, we can act for you on a No-Win No-Fee basis. We are experts who have been in the industry for many years and demonstrate confidence in our success rate.

This is why you will only pay us for the work that we do and not in accordance with a calculated percentage like some other firms. Our goal is to maximise your entitlements and minimise the inconvenience to you at all times.


DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this website is general in nature with respect to Total and Permanent Disability claims in Queensland and New South Wales. Each person’s individual circumstances are different and we strongly advise that you obtain legal advice suited to your specific situation.

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