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The TPD Superannuation Helpline is an initiative of Sinnamon Lawyers. We are Total and Permanent Disability Specialists that are available to assist all Superannuation Policy holders in recovering their entitlements under their Superannuation policy.

Through the TPD Superannuation Helpline, we are available to discuss with people their entitlements and possible lump sum payments. We are essentially here to walk you through each step to realising the amount that you may be entitled to because of an injury or illness that has stopped you working.

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It can sometimes come as a shock to most people to become aware of the amount of TPD benefits they are actually entitled to. This is common for policy holders who do not know they are holding the policy in the first place. As experts in the field of Total and Permanent Disability claims, we are happy to advise that entitlements under a persons Total and Permanent Disability policy can generally range from $30k to $1 Million, depending on the persons illness, injury, income, policy, education and training.

Accordingly, if you are no longer able to work in the area that you are trained and educated in as a result of an injury or illness and hold an eligible TPD policy, you may be entitled to recover a very significant lump sum compensation. It is important that you obtain sound legal advice that will cover all aspects of the TPD claims process. For this reason, the TPD Superannuation Helpline can provide expert advice to ensure that you get the maximum lump sum entitlement that your policy covers you for.

Insurers governing the Total and Permanent Disability claims process are historically difficult to deal with as they tend to create as many loopholes for claimants to try and go through in their pursuit for lump sum entitlements.


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