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Types of Total and Permanent Disability injuries and illnesses:

Currently, there are many common conditions that may qualify a person as Totally and Permanently Disabled. These conditions include, but are not limited to: 

  • Cancer;
  • Stroke and Heart-Related Ilnesses;
  • Loss of a Limb(s);
  • Psychiatric Conditions;
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • Physical injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Nerve Injuries
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Work-related injuries
  • Motor-vehicle accident injuries
TPD payout

If you have been injured in the workplace, in a motor vehicle accident, or any other place (public or private), and you are eligible under your Superannuation Policy, our team of exceptional Total and Permanent Disability Lawyers can assist you in commencing and managing the TPD claims process.

In specific cases, Psychological Injuries or Illnesses are covered by TPD insurance. These type of injuries can affect a person ability to travel to and from the workplace.

It is unfortunate that someone can become very ill, but it is comforting to know that the TPD Superannuation Helpline is here to assist you in ensuring your claim for TPD benefits is maximised, handled in a timely manner, and most importantly offered to you at a low and reasonable cost.

Concurrent Claims

You can make a claim for Total and Permanent Disability on top of making another claim for Worker’s Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident, Public Liability and Medical Negligence just to name a few.

TP Legal and TPD insurance

Making a Claim

To take the stress away from dealing with lengthy wait times, legal jargon and an abundance of documents, we recommend contacting us HERE to make an enquiry as to your eligibility for a TPD payout. Ordinarily, we are able to discuss the initial enquiry over the phone with you. However, if you prefer, we are able to meet you face-to-face at one of our many office locations in Queensland and New South Wales, via video link, or another location suitable to your preference.


Once you have provided the initial information surrounding your illness or injuries, current circumstances, and Superannuation fund name and policy member number, we will seek your written Authority to contact the relevant provider to obtain a copy of the application documents and details of your Superannuation history and TPD entitlements. We usually allow 14 days for your Superannuation fund to process this request and we will ensure to keep you fully appraised of any additional information that the provider requires throughout this stage.


From our expert experience, this step is where most people attempting to navigate a TPD claim get stuck, or simply do not follow through due to the significant amount of paperwork, forms and disclosure that your fund will typically provide. It is our job to carefully review the policy documents and contact you to discuss the key points of your TPD entitlements. The initial TPD claim documents typically comprise of a statement from your employer, a statement from your medical practitioner and a statement from yourself. These documents are particularly important and must be drafted correctly in order to advocate for yourself. Our team of total and permanent disability insurance lawyers are trained exceptionally well as industry professionals to satisfy the requirements set out by your superannuation fund with relation to the application documents.


From this stage, it will be necessary for our office to obtain medical evidence and further supporting documentation relating to your skills, training and occupation. By allowing our industry leading lawyers to fulfil this step on your behalf, it will take away the stress and confusion for you and this is exactly why we are here to help.


It may also be necessary to arrange an Independent Medical Examination from one of our recommended specialists to identify the possible long-term effects of your injury, illness or accident related condition. As mentioned in our No Win No Fee page we will pay the cost of any Independent Medical Assessment report on your behalf upfront. Unfortunately, this aspect of making a claim for TPD can stop people from progressing their claim as these reports can cost thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. It is for this reason, the TPD Superannuation Helpline can cover these outlays to be deducted from the lump sum TPD entitlement upon your claim being accepted.


Once the policy documents, application forms and medical assessments are reviewed and submitted, our specialist TPD lawyers will be in a position to advise you of the likely timeframe in which it will take the Superannuation fund to make a decision concerning your claim. It is extremely important to provide accurate information about your circumstances and injuries. Certain information must be set out strategically and you will need sound legal advice to accurately put your claim forward.


We will then carefully monitor the claims process and liaise with the Insurer on your behalf to ensure you the maximum chances of success.


Claims decision –The case manager from your Superannuation fund will provide us with their intention of accepting or denying the claim. In our conscientious approach, we lean on our valuable relationship with claims managers to ensure the decision-making process is not delayed in any way.


Payment is made to you.


Superannuation Fund Policies

To name a few, these are some of the most common Superannuation funds that you may hold Total and Permanent Disability insurance cover with: –

  • Rest Superannuation;
  • Australian Retirement Trust;
  • Hesta Super Fund
  • CBUS Superannuation Fund
  • BUSSQ Superannuation
  • AMP Superannuation; and
  • Best Industry Super Fund.

Some people are unaware that they could held more than one superannuation account, and more importantly, hold more than one policy cover for Total and Permanent Disability.

tpd payout and disability pension

The TPD Superannuation Helpline specialises in superannuation and insurance. Unlike other Superannuation Helplines, we specialise only in Total and Permanent Disability, which means that our area of practice is so niche that we are able to work solely on these types of claims and have the knowledge and experience to back our services.

Please call 1800 HELPLINE to start your journey for eligibility to Total and Permanent Disability today.


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