No Win No Fee

Will making a claim for TPD affect my Superannuation balance?

No, any amount of lump sum that you receive will come from a separate policy and will not be taken directly from your Superannuation account, meaning that your Superannuation account balance will not change.

No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee means that you pay nothing in the improbable event that our team of TPD Expert Lawyers are unable to successfully ensure that you receive the lump sum amount for Total and Permanent Disability entitlements. We are always available to be contacted for an obligation free discussion concerning your potential claim for TPD.

Once our team of Total and Permanent Disability Claim Lawyers have been able to provide you with an assessment in relation to your policy, and you wish to proceed, we can act for you on a No Win No Fee basis. We are experts who have been in the industry for many years and demonstrate confidence in our success rate.

This is why you will only pay us for the work that we do and not in accordance with a calculated percentage like some other places. Our goal is to maximise your entitlements and minimise the inconvenience to you at all times.

In some cases, making a claim for Total and Permanent Disability is rather straightforward. This means that your assessment and payment of the lump sum will be made quickly. However, other claims require significant attention, medical evidence and additional formulated arguments to advocate your entitlement on your behalf.

Funding and Obtaining Crucial Medical Evidence

It is important to advise that the cost of obtaining medical evidence alone is quite costly and may bean expense that most people are unable to fund upfront to pursue their TPD claim. We are happy to fund the cost of obtaining any relevant medical evidence upfront, in which will be deducted at the end of your claim for convenience. In the unlikely event that your claim for Total and Permanent Disability is unsuccessful, we will incur any outlays associated to your claim, meaning that you will not be left with an expense. This is our No Win No Fee guarantee.

no win no fee TPD

We can come to you

We understand the difficulties that may arise from a life-altering accident or incident. For this very reason, our expert Total and Permanent Disability lawyers will be more than happy to assess your eligibility to entitlements and travel directly to you if needed. We offer this service in order to ensure convenience and confidence when assisting in getting the claims process started.

If an at home appointment is not available, we can arrange to meet you face-to-face at one of our many offices located throughout Queensland or even at your local coffee shop. We want to make sure you feel comfortable at this difficult and vulnerable time.

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